Corporate video production.

How Video Works... For You

What is it? What to do with it? What's your role in it?

The building blocks of a professional video, and your involvement.

script writing

The Script

Every video starts with a script. It is a written narration of the story that will be told. Think of the Five Ws. This narration forms the basis for the rest of the production. You, the client, will review and approve it before we continue.

The Storyboard

storyboard drawing

The story is laid out visually, with text and illustrations, in chronological order. The storyboard also indicates where and when music, sounds or voiceover narration will happen on the video timeline. The storyboard allows everyone involved in the production to visualize the project. You review and approve.

The shoot

cameraman Footage is filmed on location and in studio. The scenes can be shot in any order. Camera operators, light technicians, audio engineers, makeup artists and assistants go into action. Or just one or two operators, depending on the scale of the production.
You and your employees may be directed to perform some actions on-camera that help tell the story.

The edit

video editorThe post production starts with a rough edit.
If required, the voice actor starts recording, and the background music is added. If necessary, additional stock footage is purchased.
You will get a chance to see the first rough draft. At this point you can ask for adjustments in the footage or timeline.

You will be sent links to progressive online versions for your review and approval.

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7 Tips on
How to make videos work for you.

Videos can be played on many platforms and you can profit handsomely from them.

browser types

The most obvious place to start is your company website. The Intro Loop is especially well suited for the home page. But any other type of video can — and should — be somewhere on your website. Search engines take notice of them. Web videos push search rankings up fast and high.

video platform

YouTube and Vimeo should be used too. Put the video in one of your channels and set up the keywords, description and links that drive traffic to your website. Google may put your video on its results page too for your keywords. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn should also be used. With these platforms you have the opportunity to create an advertising plan using your videos. We can create additional versions of your video with small variations to create a dynamic and interesting campaign.

Use your videos on local TV stations. They may offer special rates to help you become a regular TV presence.

Trade shows, conventions and chamber of commerce events are additional venues where your videos help you stand out.

Email campaigns can be created around your videos to create interest and traffic. (How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing)

And don't forget your own office! Playing your videos on the TV screen in your reception area is a smart way to benefit from your investment!

Do you need some help to make videos work for you? We can certainly take care of that too!

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